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Vintage items bring comfort.

I have a few pieces in my personal collection of vintage items that have been with me for a long time. I've picked them up along the way through leftovers in old houses I've purchased, finds at antique stores, or gifts from relatives and friends. These are pieces that have become a part of who I am over the years and, wherever life has taken me, I've always found a place for them.

It's not a big collection but it includes some dishes from my Grandmother, a 5 legged table from my mom, a sideboard from my 2nd house, a water fountain given to me in 1993 by my x-mother in law, and a little pot of french beaded flowers that came from a relative on my dad's side of the family.

Turtle boy and I have been together since 1993.
French beaded flowers.
I was gifted this french beaded flower pot when I was in high school.

Over the years, these familiar vintage pieces have brought me comfort. When I see them, I know I am home. And, adding to my collection over the years reminds me of the fun and the challenging times I've experienced.

Many times, when purchasing from an estate sale, pieces from a family collection are offered. I once felt somewhat sad about this but now have a different perspective. The vintage goods are brought to my workshop and undergo a refresh. This ranges from a simple cleaning to a full restoration. I try hard to leave a bit of history in each piece. What others may think of as flaws, I believe are part of what makes each piece unique. I think the previous owners would appreciate their well-loved pieces being brought back to original state, while maintaining a record of ownership and use.

This vintage pole lamp is an excellent example. When I purchased it, I thought the shades were amber in color. After a good cleaning, I realized they are gorgeous clear glass with a pattern that creates texture when lit.

I think the previous owner would be pleased. And, I hope the future owner of this piece greatly enjoys it for years to come.

Available for $110 at 2Storeys Antiques in Columbia, TN.

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