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Carefully Curated Products

Original. Refreshed. Locally Sourced. Unique.



At Restoration Momma, we love the art of refreshing antique furniture. We find great satisfaction in finding a vintage piece and discovering its beauty behind torn fabric and years of dust.

Our furniture collection is curated from many styles and spans decades of style.


Vintage Items

This collection is focused on items that appeal to a variety of decorating styles and are on-trend.  Made up from found objects, we leave things as original as possible.

Many of our items have multiple uses.


Locally Sourced Goods

Restoration Momma creates and hand picks our locally sourced goods to offer you both casual and upscale items.

We believe in supporting local, small businesses which is why this collection is comprised entirely of handmade, vintage refreshed, and/or goods from the Middle Tennessee region.


Unique Finds

Made up of one-of-a-kind and unique found objects, this is the most interesting collection Restoration Momma offers.

Our Unique Finds is reserved for conversation starters, collector's pieces, and items of curiosity.

Products: Our Products
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